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Puccio Wooden Low Stool

Puccio Wooden Low Stool


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The Puccio collection started life based on milking stools, perfectly designless and designer-free seating which, thanks to its functionality, has survived unchanged through the centuries. Over time, the Puccio collection has evolved to include tables and chairs alongside stools of various heights. Designed for use where space is at a premium, the light and compact Puccio chair with its dinky backrest is the latest addition to the collection.


W42/46.5 D32/42 46H cm


Products are available in a range of colours, materials and finished. Please enquire for more details.

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  • Frame: Solid ashwood
  • Frame finish: Wood stain, matt lacquer, coloured stain
  • Seat: Solid ashwood
  • Glides: Felt
  • Optional features: PVC or metal glides lacquered steel levelling floorpad
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