Nowy Styl

Bowermans are the Australian representatives of Nowy Styl Group which includes not only Nowy Styl but KUSCH+CO, SITAG, SOHOS AND forum seating. Bowermans are working to stock a core range however we have access to all products and if not stocked lead times are 12-18 weeks.

The Nowy Styl's portfolio includes brands that create timeless and reliable solutions. Today you can find our products not only in office spaces, but also at home, in clinics and hospitals, in stadiums equipped to hold thousands of spectators, at busy airports, as well as in cinemas and concert halls.

Nowy Styl – the largest dominant brand with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for offices and public spaces.

Kusch+Co – a brand recognized around the world for its excellent quality and exceptional design of chairs, furniture and specialist solutions for the healthcare sector and passenger terminals.

Sitag by Nowy Styl – a local, Swiss brand with long tradition, offering high quality office furniture.

SOHOS by Nowy Styl – a subbrand with a rich portfolio of good quality solid and ergonomic office chairs at affordable prices.

Forum by Nowy Styl – seating and auditorium solutions for lecture halls, cinemas, theatres and sports venues.