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Bowermans office furniture delivers to canberra and the rest of the ACT.

Now Canberra and ACT customers can experience the great benefits of owning high quality office furniture.

Bowermans Office Furniture has been considered the market leader around NSW for many years and they are now proud to offer their well-priced and top-designed, new and custom made office furniture to the Canberra and ACT area. Bowermans is recognised for creating workplace and home office furnishings that inspire, expand and endure. Our commitment to innovation and modern design has produced a comprehensive portfolio of reception counters, seating, files, storage, tables and desks.

Established in the mid 1940's, Bowermans Office Furniture has been supplying businesses and individuals for over 65 years. Our dedication to a high level of service and unique furniture solutions has earned Bowermans a well deserved reputation of excellence.


Bowermans Office Furniture: has the largest range of workstations, desks, conference tables, chairs, hutches, credenzas, bookshelves, filing cabinets and office accessories.

Lowest Prices: Brand name furniture at a competitive price.

Promptness: We pride ourselves on the speed of service and delivery. Our local warehouse makes the coordination and delivery of office furniture to Canberra and ACT significantly faster than that of other furniture companies. Stock items are delivered and installed into Canberra and ACT each week. Custom made furniture will be delivered within 3-4 weeks from date of order.

Customer Service: Each assignment no matter how big or small, receives our personal service, which ensures attention to detail and professional results unrivaled in the furniture business.

Quality: Bowermans Office Furniture carries an extensive and reputable range including; Bow Express, MYSOHO Collection, Luna Range, Classic Melamine, The Edge, as well as our high-value custom made office furniture.

Delivery: After the furniture is ordered, we provide the full spectrum of services necessary to successfully deliver and install any sized project. Since 1945, Bowermans has differentiated itself from the competition by investing in its resources.

Understanding: Bowermans has been in business for a long time and seen how the modern office is evolving, and we offer furniture that responds and adapts to these changing needs.


Responsibility: The warehouse and delivery staff is employed by Bowermans and are responsible for our clients.

Reliability: Bowermans controls how product is received and tracked into our warehouse, the scheduling of deliveries to our clients and process coordination.

Professionalism: We provide consistent and exceptional service; starting when we receive your furniture in our warehouse until your delivery and installation is complete.

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