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Our Clients

Bowermans service a large range of clients in Australia. From Fortune 100 companies, Universities, Schools, Small and Medium business to small home offices we have solutions to fit any budget.

What our clients are saying:

Thanks so much for all your assistance with the supply and installation of our new workstations and office furniture. Being 5 hours from Sydney and everything being decided via phone and email and measured off plans, we were a little nervous what to expect. However upon installation of the items we were ecstatic. Everything was exactly how we envisaged it would be and we are thrilled with the finished product. Our one regret is that we ordered one partner’s office set from a local supplier instead of you. This company had previously supplied three of these sets and we thought it was best to order it through them to ensure an exact match. Despite them coming and measuring up, it has arrived with not one of the 4 desk panels the correct size and it has to be remade! I am sure if this had have been ordered from you, we would have exactly what was required. Once again, thanks for all your assistance, it has been a pleasure to deal with Bowermans. Kelee, Tamworth NSW

This morning we had a desk system delivered and installed in our new home. I wanted to drop you a note thanking your delivery crew for their prompt and excellent service. They turned up promptly on time and there was an issue with part of the desk (a section was too long compared to the order placed) so they cut it down and re-sized it on the spot in their truck and we had the desk system installed without a hitch. Based on our experience with the delivery crew we will continue to purchase equipment through Bowermans. Greg, Beverly Hills NSW